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Novemer 24, 2014
3D Animation Blog

3D Animation & 3D Visualization:


3D Animation - The Best Way To Animate Industrial Processes

We are Black Ice Digital providing sophisticated animation services for heavy industrial products and mining machines in South Africa. For over seven years, our animation service has been creating crystal clear and sharp animated visuals that display key elements of your products. With the help of 3D Animation, we render imaginary, virtual worlds where anything is possible, inanimate objects can move and talk with human like characteristics. As we see, animation or cartoon movies are entirely created through 3D Animation software and computers. 3D Animation is truly at the pinnacle of the creative design industry.


We believe that 3D animation and production are not just confined to the entertainment industry but there are countless small applications such as simple logo stings, product simulation, architectural visualization fly-throughs and excitable animated characters. 3D animation is both a convenient and cost effective tool for storytelling and to sell or market products. We use 3D Graphic animations to visualise an idea or concept that is still in its planning phase or that needs to be pitched by a developer. In 3D Graphics, 3D Modeling is a process whereby 3D Mesh objects are shaped in a 3D environment (environment containing x, y and z space) by a mathematical coordinate placement system, which defines the Mesh Object via points in the 3D space. The product is known as 3D Mesh Object. It can be rendered out to a 2D Image by complex rendering engines in 3D Software, this process is known as 3D Rendering. The Modeling process of manipulating and constructing geometric data for 3D Modeling is similar to classic art or sculpting. 

Let’s take a look at some of the services in a nutshell: 

Architectural Visualization: We specialize in 3D Architectural rendering, 3D Visualization and 3D Animation. Our 3D Artists are skilled in state of the art 3D Packages and can produce stylish Architectural Visualizations from the most frequently used architectural data such as Revit, Sketch up, DWG to PDF file formats. We transform these into accurate and detailed 3D Models which are in turn textured and rendered out into visualization products. 

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November 25, 2014

Industrial 3D Process Animation

Black Ice Digital is offering Visualization services and 3D Animation for all kinds of industries. We can boost your marketing materials with 3D animations and renderings no matter what range of business your company belongs to.


Our 3D Animation is applied to Mining Services, Advertising, Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Architecture, Retail, Automotive Industry, Aerospace, Science, Film, Television, etc. We guarantee astonishing product value, reasonable price, professional approach and a fast turnaround time. Our powerful workstations, state-of-the-art software, far-reaching experience, capacity and creativity: all bend to your needs. Please, feel free to enjoy our 3D segment of Black Ice Digital.

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