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Game Design

Virtual Reality Game

Process Game Design

Video Game design or “Game Design” is the concept of an artist that develops into digital interactive interface. This idea consists of the design of gameplay, environments, storyline, goals and characters. Firstly the scope of the game has to be established. Decisions need to be made before elements are implemented for example the games vision, budget limitations or hardware limitations. The Game’s mechanics is the logic that drives the game. Mechanics are paramount to the success or failure of the gaming application. Aesthetic design and visual appeal is crucial to the games development and success. A lot of planning and time is invested into the development of a game and can take months even years to finish. Although Virtual Reality isn’t a new concept it recently took the gaming industry by storm and gave it a novel approach. VR is a Submersive experience that puts the player in virtual space, simulating the user’s presence in an environment where the player can interact with certain elements. The VR environment is replicated by headsets e.g Oculus Rift or by stereoscopic glasses, giving the user an illusion of an alternate 3D space. Game design contains some of the following:




  • Side Scroller
  • First Person Shooter
  • 3rd Person / Top Down
  • User Interface
  • Scripting
  • Storyline
  • Character Design
  • Environment Design
  • Virtual Reality
  • Submersive Landscape


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Multimedia Presentations

Attention Grabbing Presentational Eye-Candy

Production Line Presentation

Presentations Grab the Attention of Clients And Prospective Clients Alike. Exciting And Creative Productions Are Used To Keep And Spark Attention In Motion Advertising Media, Making Normal Slideshows Mundane Tedious.
We specialise in Mining Presentations, Industrial Process Presentations, Production Line Presentations and other Multi Media Presentations to name but a few.

Get Your End Users To Find Your Site Visually Stimulating, Informative And Interesting By Adding Multimedia. Make Your Multimedia Presentation Your Chief Marketing Tool. Multimedia Is Extremely Influential With Perfect Execution The Toughest Mind Can Be Swayed, Thus Becoming Your Principal Marketing Assets. With Multimedia, You’ll Be Capable To Convert Your Website Into An Inanimate Salesperson, With Lots of Insight and Character.


  • Training Presentations
  • Production Line Presentations
  • Mining Process Presentations
  • Industrial Production Presentations
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Motion Graphic Design

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Video Production

BLACK ICE DIGITAL for Advanced Video Production Solutions.


One of our core skills is producing high-end videos, Training Videos, Production Line Videos, films and documentaries for our clients.
We excel in Training Videos, Production Line Videos and Process Flow videos because of the ability to inject the videos with both 3D Animation and Multimedia to create a compelling and insightful learning experience.

Partnering with a company with over tens years experience as a leading video production company in South Africa, we are proud to have produced corporate videos for clients; to the likes of Hall Core Drilling and Moumo part of the Royal Bafokeng Development. As a production agency we look after our customer’s needs every step of the way.


  • Training Videos
  • Production Line Videos
  • Mining Process Videos
  • Industrial Production Videos

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Multimedia Guidelines

BLACK ICE DIGITAL covering your Multimedia and Video needs

Prodction Line Video

Black Ice Digital - Media And Design are theMultimedia Professionals that will direct you to the Advanced Multimedia Solutions You Need. We Follow The Following Guide Lines To Serve You With Comprehensive Advanced Digital Multimedia:

Product & Branding Marketing Brief: The Black Ice Digital Marketing Team will set up a full marketing brief with you.
The Marketing and Multimedia objectives will be staked out as some of the chief discussion points.

Conceptualization 1st Presentation: After the Marketing Brief is done we will conceptualization, this will be followed by a presentation to the client (either digitally or by one of the Black Ice Digital Team) client approval is of crucial importance before any creative work starts.

Copy Text Writing: Black Ice Digital’s copywriter will then write the text for the multi media.

Audio Recording: When the client is content, a Voice Artist suitable for the project will record the script at a Recording Studio, if applicable to the project.

Motion Graphic Designer, Timed Animation & Sound: The Motion Graphic Designer will start the Animation Process and applying graphics, Animation in a timed and orchestrated manner the voice recording and/or music is added to the production flow.

Dissecting The Multimedia Project: The project can be viewed by the client in different stages of development of the multi media to insure that the end result meets up with what was planned and discussed and allow us to make changes if need be.

Conclusion: A Multimedia Magnum Opus Black Ice Digital are the multimedia professionals in Gauteng, with a multitude of multi-media projects completed – feel free to view our motion graphic design portfolio, it speaks for itself.



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