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In 3D Graphics, 3D Modeling is a process whereby 3D Mesh objects are shaped in an 3D environment (environment containing x, y and z space)  by a mathematical coordinate placement  system  which defines a the Mesh Object via points in the 3D space.

The product is known as 3D Mesh Object. It can be Rendered out to a 2D Image by complex rendering engines in 3D Software, this process is known as 3D Rendering. The Modeling process of manipulating and constructing geometric data for 3D Modeling is similar classic art sculpting, in a virtual space.

Adding Value To Your Business Through 3D Modeling

Time is one of the biggest challenges in today’s market place, the time it takes to market your product– getting your special product to the end user before your competitors does is of essence, and one of the chief defining factors of your product’s success . 3D Modeling will cut the development time and will enable you to pitch your idea to the market first.

3D Modeling radically shortens the development time and can be used either to illustrate or showcase the product while sign off on the concept from top management.

3D Models Can Be Used To Great Effect In A Wide Selection Of Industries Like

  • The Architectural Industry: 3D Presentations of non-existing Buildings
  • The Landscaping Industry: 3D Modeling of non-existing Landscapes by 3D Modeling Plants and 3D Trees
  • The Medical Industry: 3D Modeling Organs, 3D Spinal Modeling and Prosthetic 3D Modeling
  • Mining Industry 3D Modeling: 3D Modeling of Mining Equipment, 3D Modeling Mining Processes and Mining Workflows
  • The Science Sector: 3D Modeling of Chemical Compounds, 3D Modeling Industrial Processes
  • Industrial Processes 3D Modeling: 3D Modeling of Assembly Line, 3D Modeling Processes & 3D Animation
  • The Engineering Industry: New Product Designs,  Structures, 3D Vehicle Modeling as well as 3D Mining and 3D Refinery Visualisations
  • The Touch Screen Kiosk Industry: 3D Modeling of New Touch Screen Enclosure Designs for Proof of Concept.
  • The Computer Gaming Industry: 3D Characters 3D Props and 3D Objects
  • The Movie Industry: 3D Character Modeling creation for Motion Pictures

3D Modeling Services Include

3D Graphics
3D Animation
3D Kiosk Enclosure Design (Touch Screen Kiosk)
3D Process Visualization
3D Training Videos
3D Architectural Visualization
3D Interior Visualization
3D Landscaping Visualization
3D Character Animation
3D Engineering Visualization
3D Models & 3D Logos

3D Animation

3D Animation allows us to render imaginary, virtual worlds where anything is possible, inanimate objects can move and talk with humanlike characteristics, movies like “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Ratatouille” are good examples of this. These movies are entirely made possible through 3D Animation software and computers, 3D Animation is truly at the pinnacle of creative design.

3D Production is however not just limited to Hollywood Corporations like Pixar and DreamWorks, there are countless small application from simple Logo Stings, Product Simulation, Architectural Visualization Fly-throughs to excitable animated characters, where 3D animation is both a convenient and cost effective tool for storytelling and to sell or market products.

When 3D Production is mixed with camera footage by using 3D Compositing Techniques we dive into the realm of 3D CGI Effects. “The Matrix” was one of the first movies that entirely hinged on these Effects. Through the use of 3D Animation we can combine real and 3D Production Footage in ways that are impossible or would be unpractical due to budget constraints. A giant Company Logo for instance can now be placed on a skyscraper with a squadron of “Rooivalk” helicopters flying by; this is all made possible by 3D Animation, 3D Modeling and Compositing without costing a fortune.

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Innovative digital experiences & amazing storytelling

Black Ice provides a combination of services that culminate to offer a digital skillset that is unmeasurable.

We strive to render the most economic service possible with our unrefusable offer that saves both resources, cost and time. Giving the client best value for money spent.

Our solution comprises of the design, manufacture and setup of kiosk solutions and terminals - Kiosk software development, Industrial 3D modelling and Animation to a motion graphic experience that tells a story and create mind blowing digital experiences.

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Never ending innovation
Technology is fluctuating and advancing at the speed of light. Improvement and innovation, a necessity to bring customers advanced digital services. The importance of audio visual elements and 3D Animation with unique APPs and exceptional technology that will inspire, amaze and hold attention has never been more important. Black Ice innovates in this flux with consistent improvement through the use of modern AV Technology (Video & Animation) New Digital Media.

Creating Platinum within Budget.
One-stop provider
Black Ice Digital is a world renowned company providing a bundle of New Media Technologies under one roof, our Advanced technologies combine multiple technologies to develop advanced applications that ensure both economic and custom solutions with a user focused design approach.

One stop Digital Solution shop.
Full solutions
Black Ice seeks to be your Digital solutions partner catering to all your needs, through incorporated experience, excelling innovative products and digital technologies, we translate your vision into captivating digital media productions. Providing senior on and off-site support and cloud-based content updates.

Black Ice your partner of choice.

Our job flow

From start to finnish

One of our specialists take a detailed brief from the client.

The Black Ice team conceptualises the brief and provides a proposal and budget to client.

Lead times and terms are agreed upon. Job acceptance takes place.

Full in-house content development. Including Touch Screen Kiosk production, 2D/3D Animation and C# Development.

Content and Hardware goes through a rigorous testing process.

Customer views product/content and changes, (if any) are finalized.

Roll out of advanced digital solutions according to customers approved schedule.

We provide technical support after roll out. Including cloud based real-time content updates as well as on-site and off-site technical support.

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