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a Great Kiosk User Experience (UX) is necessary for the success of any self service kiosk application. More than with any other application, a kiosk project succeeds or fails as a result of the Kiosk Software UX design.

It is true that attractive designs often compel people to visit or use a kiosk, the usability of a kiosk underscores whether the user will be able to achieve their goals and whether they will return to the Kiosk Terminal.

A common goal defined for an Interactive or Self-Service Kiosk is to help the client or user complete a task. The Kiosk provides a way of interacting directly with company systems for the completion of routine tasks, freeing up time usually spent on somewhat mundane tasks.

Interactive Kiosk Software is the cornerstone upon which your kiosk project is built, let the digital specialists at Black Ice Digital help you create a goal accomplished memorable user experience.

Kiosk Software

The Kiosk Software is your key to success, place the user at the centre of design. Remember that the user is completely untrained, so the application has to be intuitive and guide the user. The most successful Kiosk UI (Kiosk User Interface) has a single, specific application or transaction.

Because Kiosk Use is optional it must attract the user’s attention, keep their attention focused, never frustrate and deliver wanted information / service swiftly. The user will walk away at the slightest irritation. They have to be satisfied with the Kiosk Service or otherwise won’t return.

Kiosk UI/UX Design - Kiosk User Experience
Kiosk Software User Centred Design

Kiosk Business Model

Every Kiosk project kicks off with a thorough examination of the project business model; because Kiosks are expensive and a high-risk business Black Ice Digital will take the following in consideration with you as our client:

Drawing up of a project business model
We strive to establish a mutually beneficial environment for the location owner, content provider and user.

The best way for you as client to make (or save) money during the pilot phase to insure the project comes to fruition. And then the most economic way forward for all parties involved.

Have similar applications been implemented before? Are there similar successes or failures / case studies?
Excellent Kiosk Software (Kiosk User Interface) is key! Without a doubt this is one of the most important factors to the project’s success, partner with Black Ice Digital to see your Kiosk Project come to fruition. User Centred Design is of utmost importance in the development and design of the Kiosk UI and the Kiosk UX.

Black Ice Digital has an excellent track record of previous Touch Screen Kiosk ventures.

The History of 3D Animation

Kiosk User Interface Design - Pointers

Maximize Kiosk User Interface application with Black Ice Obsidian Lock-out
Remove title bars and menu bars so your Kiosk Software Application can fill the whole display area.

Touch Screen Touchable Areas & Navigation
Always make Touchable areas obvious, have a simple set of navigation buttons and always locate them on a fixed position on the screen.

Use bright background colours
These colours focuses the eye on the screen image instead of reflections, even in areas where there are no icons or menu choices.

Use a simple point-and-click interface with large buttons
Dragging, double-clicks, scroll bars, drop-down menus and multiple clicks or other elements can puzzle the typical / untrained user and detract from ease of use and efficiency.

Turn the normal cursor off
Remove the cursor, and the users should not think of a Touch Screen Kiosk as a computer, if they can’t see the mouse cursor thinking and behaviour become direct instead of indirect, thereby unleashing the true power of touch screens.

User feedback upon interaction with the touch the screen
instant feedback is vital to reassure the user that a touch has registered on the touch screen. Responses can be visual, such as 3D button effects with embossing and shadows and indents and highlights. Or you could make use of an audio response, such as a “click” or other sound output whenever a user interacts with the Touch Screen.

Make your application functional, intuitive, fun and fast
Users will leave a sluggish touch screen kiosk system. You can focus their interest with a quick response to touches. Speedy systems also decrease vandalism. Avoid graphics modes offering excessive colours or too high resolution pictures, remember most touch screens works on 72dpi display, larger resolutions will only slow your system down.

Make the Kiosk UI intuitive, limit choices, and guide the user
Do dry run testing on users. If they hesitate in confusion, even for an instant, you’ve identified a problem area which needs improvement.

Digitization of Speech – Voice Prompts can Talk the user through the application
Because the human brain can concurrently process a voice and absorb an image, there is something almost exquisite about a user interface that provides voice prompts and touch response. A lot of the superior kiosk applications exploit this knowledge for greatest effect. For example: “Type your Name by Touching the letters on the keyboard below.” Click. “Now touch OK.” Click.

Make your Kiosk Software part of an attractive combo – continuity is king
Animation, stunning visual effects and large fonts help attract users to kiosk applications. The actual design of the kiosk cabinet and the signage should also be helpful, attractive and sturdy.

Inhanced Kiosk User Interface
Intuitive Kiosk UI/UX

EXPLORE Kiosk Software Development – UI/UX Design
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Innovative digital experiences & amazing storytelling

Black Ice provides a combination of services that culminate to offer a digital skillset that is unmeasurable.

We strive to render the most economic service possible with our unrefusable offer that saves both resources, cost and time. Giving the client best value for money spent.

Our solution comprises of the design, manufacture and setup of kiosk solutions and terminals - Kiosk software development, Industrial 3D modelling and Animation to a motion graphic experience that tells a story and create mind blowing digital experiences.

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Our value based approach

+-Extensive Experience
+-Quality from start to finish
+-Digitally innovative
+-Marvelous strategy, concept and finished product
+-Shortened turn-around times

Our strengths

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Never ending innovation
Technology is fluctuating and advancing at the speed of light. Improvement and innovation, a necessity to bring customers advanced digital services. The importance of audio visual elements and 3D Animation with unique APPs and exceptional technology that will inspire, amaze and hold attention has never been more important. Black Ice innovates in this flux with consistent improvement through the use of modern AV Technology (Video & Animation) New Digital Media.

Creating Platinum within Budget.
One-stop provider
Black Ice Digital is a world renowned company providing a bundle of New Media Technologies under one roof, our Advanced technologies combine multiple technologies to develop advanced applications that ensure both economic and custom solutions with a user focused design approach.

One stop Digital Solution shop.
Full solutions
Black Ice seeks to be your Digital solutions partner catering to all your needs, through incorporated experience, excelling innovative products and digital technologies, we translate your vision into captivating digital media productions. Providing senior on and off-site support and cloud-based content updates.

Black Ice your partner of choice.

Our job flow

From start to finnish

One of our specialists take a detailed brief from the client.

The Black Ice team conceptualises the brief and provides a proposal and budget to client.

Lead times and terms are agreed upon. Job acceptance takes place.

Full in-house content development. Including Touch Screen Kiosk production, 2D/3D Animation and C# Development.

Content and Hardware goes through a rigorous testing process.

Customer views product/content and changes, (if any) are finalized.

Roll out of advanced digital solutions according to customers approved schedule.

We provide technical support after roll out. Including cloud based real-time content updates as well as on-site and off-site technical support.

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Our customers pride themselves on the elite service that they are able to receive from us by forming a strategic supply partnership that accelerates their business goals.

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